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I went down to Miraflores with my mother to try out the vegan options on their menu. I had never tired Peruvain food before so this was a treat and I couldn’t wait. The restaurant was very warm and welcoming, the staff were extremely helpful talked us through the menu and changed up a few items as requested I asked to take out the egg from a item and this was done. The food took a while to arrive but was well worth the wait. It all looked so stunning like a work of art and the flavours delivered as much as the looks.


The Vegan Options on the menu that we had were:

  • Causas – Causas is an iconic dish from Peru that combines the freshness of lemons with spiced mashed potatoes
  • Bolitas De Yuca – Crispy Yuca “Cassava” balls served with Huancaina sauce 
  • Grilled Vegetables – Grilled asparagus, aubergine, courgettes and tomato with olive oil and salt
  • Chaufa De Quinoa – Peruvian quinoa stir fried with grilled vegetable and served with fried plantain 





This looked stunning, like a real piece of art, the colours were so attractive, it was so beautiful I almost didn’t want to eat it, this was so fresh and light, almost airy, the freshness of the lemon contrasted against what would usually be the heaviness of the potato, the flavours where there making it pop the right amount keeping it light and fresh not overpowering. This is beautiful. I will be looking forward to trying this again.


Bolitas De Yuca


This was the highlight for myself and my mum, again so visually stunning, to the point it felt wrong to eat it, but I am so glad we did, the first bite was amazing bursting with flavour and texture the balls were so perfectly fried and crispy with a soft creamy mashed inside, the sauces where full of flavour but light and fresh at the same time, the salad topped gives it more freshness the avocado sauce comes through and this blew us away. I will be going back just for these, unforgettable.


Grilled Vegetables


I can’t lie this sounded very unexciting, I couldn’t see how they could make this be a great dish, but well done to them they really did. This was so good again simple but flavourful. The veg was cooked exactly how I like them with a crunch, those sauces brought the veg to live and created a party in the mouth that I didn’t want to end. So simple but so satisfying, another dish I will be ordering again.


Chaufa De Quinoa


So pretty and colourful, the taste was fresh and light, the crunch on the veg and salad worked with the fluffy seasoned quinoa, each mouthful was a delight, the plantain really worked well with the quinoa bringing a sweet dense texture to the light airy fresh salad. This combo defo works, this is the salad which usually comes with egg I requested they make this without and they did.


This was a heavenly experience and I am definitely now a big fan of Peruvian food, and will be going back for sure.

The food looked absolutely stunning and was a pleasure to photograph, I could have spent all day admiring the beauty of it and honestly the flavour delivered the same.

After eating all that food we wasn’t left leaving heavy or full. It was so light, fresh and satisfying. Fully recommend this as a great place to eat all the dishes we had got a huge thumbs up.

Peace and Love

Z xx

60 Southwark St London – @mirafloreslondon

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