Hello, My name is Azita Edwards

I am a mother to two beautiful amazing girls Sienna, Maya and a wonderful step son Aaron. My family is my whole world and a big part of my blog and inspiration for Vegang. I’m Iranian, born in England, My husband is Jamaican, the food we like to eat has a mix of influences, I started cooking for my husband and was taught most dishes by my amazing mother in law.

I started Vegang after I had my youngest I was turning Vegan, having been Veggie for years and I couldn’t find much online, I wanted to share my vegan journey as well as research deeper and find others who can share the same info I was looking for.

I wanted to know recipes, places to eat, places to shop, different vegan brands, places to go, events etc. I was diagnosed with Lupus in 2017 and it completely changed my life and relationship with food and wellbeing. I am on a healing journey.

My page is all about positivity and healthier living, mind, body and soul.

Sending you so much Peace and Love

Z .   xxx