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I was invited down to Yeda, a new vegan spot in Central London’s Covent Garden. I really didn’t know what to expect, their Instagram page looked nice and appealing. As I arrived this place stood out to me, bright happy inviting colours. IMG_2396

Here is a video of my experience:

I was met by the owner Elena, who spoke to me about the inspiration behind opening and the food. She gave me a tour of the space and showed me all options available.


There was a lot of salad and sandwhich options, ready made and to grab and go, some of the sandwiches were to be toasted. They also had warm food on menu like soups or ramen.

some photos of salad grab and go options:



Some of the options on the menu were:

Breakfast Options:

  • Overnight Oats
  • Yoghurt and Compote
  • Tofu Scramble


  • Falafel Wrap (tomato tortilla, beetroot hummus, chipotle mayo)
  • Anti-Keto Cheesy Burrito (squash, orzo, quinoa, guac and spinach)
  • Smokey Tofu Wrap (chipotle mayo, basil, sun-dried tomatoes)


  • Mediterranean Sandwich (mozzarella, pesto and rocket)
  • Red- Bread Toastie (beetroot bread, gouda, smoky aubergine)


  • Mezze Salad (falafel, tabbouleh, beetroot hummus)
  • Super Soba Salad (tofu, edamame, kimchi and tamari)


  • Shiitake Soup (noodles, tofu and bok choi)


  • Creamy Mac (butternut squash, smoky coconut flakes)
  • WOW-ffle! (sweet potato waffle, slaw, BBQ jackfruit, crispy onions)
  • Vegan Shakshuka (falafel, cucumber raita, pita bread)
  • Goan Curry (chickpeas, coconut yoghurt, brown rice)


and many more

from coffee, hot drinks, snacks and desserts.

What I tried:

                                                        Red – Bread Toastie


This smelt amazing, when getting toasted, the smells alone made my mouth water. The first bite delivered just what I expected, smokey roasty taste from the roasted aubergines and highlighted with the taste of Gouda, the bread was nice and crisp from toasting and the centre was warm and soft, I found this sandwich quite filling and heavy but really delivered on the flavours (I love aubergine so this worked for me).



                                                  Anti-Keto Cheesy Burrito


I did not know what to expect with this one, I can’t lie I wasn’t too excited from the description but OMG did this deliver! so tasty and moorish. The wrap comes toasted and warms the inside ingredients also melting the cheese nicely. The melty cheese incorporates itself in with the other ingredients and they merge together so nicely. The flavours pop and its a warm melty sensation. This wrap is so light and fresh yet so cheesy as you would want your wrap to be once melted. I honestly feel in love with this wrap and look forward to going back to try again.


                                                          Persain Flapjack


Come on how could I not try this when it says Persian? The Persian in me grew curious. This was nothing like any flapjack that I have had before. There was a floral taste to it from the lavender and rose water essence, the coconut flavours came through subtlety through the flakes. The mix of ingredients worked well and complimented each other in harmony.


There was a lot of options here and I honestly loved the wrap which was such a highlight for me. This is the perfect grab and go spot with a nice selection of all vegan foods to choose from. The staff was very welcoming and friendly, the prices were decent and the atmosphere was welcoming. Defiantly recommend this place to visit if your ever in London by Covent Garden.

Yeda – 55 Neal St London WC2H 9PJ

Peace and Love

Z xx



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