Oumph X Busaba


Myself and Rodney were invited down to Busaba to try the vegan dishes that are collaborated with Oumph in celebration of Veganuary.

Here is the video of our day:

 We had a lovely time with other influencers and fellow vegans, the food was great here is what we tried:


                              Edamame – with sea salt flakes or chilli

  • For me these are a perfect starter, I am obsessed with Edamame beans these ones came with sea salt, I would have liked to try the chilli ones too.

       Por-Pia Jay – crispy vegetable spring rolls with Thai chilli sauce

  • Another perfect starter the spring rolls came out nice and hot fresh from the frier with the most perfect crunch, The veg inside was nice, fresh and crunchy too and the dip brought it all to life.

   Soyamari – wok-tossed soya in ginger and green peppercorn sauce

  • I did not expect to love this as much as I did, neither did Rodney this one took him by surprise, they had fried the Oumph meat it was so crunchy which you would not expect by looking at it, the taste was amazing and complimented it so well, the Oumph had soaked up all the marinate and was bursting with flavour from each bite.

Rainbow Slaw fresh mango, red pepper, cabbage and chilli mixed in peanut dressing

  • This was so crunchy, nutty and fresh perfect with all the other elements of the meal, This was extremely fresh and light which cancels out the heaviness of the Oumph meat.

Weeping Tiger Jay – triple cooked oumph soya with green beans, chilli and Chinese broccoli with Shiitake mushroom in sweet soy and garlic sauce. 

  • Another genius Oumph dish at works so well, the power of this dish is in the soy and garlic sauce which over powers and seeps in to the Oumph meat, the veg is crunchy and crisp, the Oumph meat is fried again so also crispy but soaking up the flavours from the sauce.

Yam Pak Crispy Soya – crispy fried soya with fresh mixed mixed slaw of red pepper, herb leaves, mango and chilli topped with fried shallots and crushed roasted peanuts

  • The Oumph meat is the same as the Soyamari but mixed in with fresh salad and sauce, this makes it a whole other experience and works well, I especially loved the fried crispy shallots and crushed roasted peanut, there was a lot of flavour and texture combinations. 

Pad Thai Jay – tenderstem broccoli, courgette, French bean and tofu with pad Thai noodle wok-fried in soy and tamarind sauce topped with peanut, Chinese chive

-A classic and delivered just like it, so simple but satisfying, this was everything an authentic pad Thai should be.

Green Curry Jay green curry infused with lemongrass, chilli and ginger with courgette, pea aubergine, bamboo and sweet basil.

  • This was so creamy and delicious was served with rice by the time this came out I was so full but I carried on eating as the smell was so inviting and again it really delivered.

Siriacha Ho Fun Noodle – wok-fried mushrooms, red peppers and baby spinach and flat noodle seasoned with Siriacha chilli sauce, soy and ginger sauce.

  • This was so moreish, one of the meals that stood out to me and I would go back to order again, the noodles, the sauce and veg worked well and left me wanting more.

Thai Aubergine Curry – wok-fried Thai and purple aubergines poached in a fragrant yellow curry, balanced in coconut milk, sweet Thai basil, fresh chilli and coriander. 

-The curries were so nice and flavourful, again by the time it came out I was so full but I did try with the Yasmine rice and it was delicious. 


All in all it was such. a nice night, Rodney doesn’t really come out with me to vegan events or places to eat so it was nice to go to this together and what made it even more special was the fact he loved every dish. 

I had never been to Busaba but had heard a lot of great things I can now see why, it really does deliver to it’s high praise and really recommend, There is so many vegan and non vegan options something for everyone. 

Thanks again to Busaba and Oumph for the invite 



Busaba London


peace and love 

Z xx

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