Places to eat… The Nooch

Myself and Ghamzeh headed down to Soho vegan market to try The Nooch.

Here is the vlog of our experience:

Upon arrival you are greeted with the delicious smells of the grilled vegan meats and caramelised onions. The images of the burgers and hotdogs they have on display make your mouth water instantly. It is so hard to choose what you would want as they all look great.

The choices on the menu where:


moving mountain burger – grilled onions, cheeze, gherkins, tomato, rocket, brioche bun and siracha mayo  £7.50


classic jumbo vegan bratwurst – grilled onion, sauerkraut, spring onion, crispy nachos, crispy onions, ketchup and mustard (jalapeños optional)  £7.50


valoumi burger – red onion, grilled peppers, tomato, rocket, brioche bun and homemade tzatziki sauce  £7.50


jumbo vegan currywurst – grilled peppers, crispy nachos, crispy onions, german curry sauce  £7.50

So as you can see it is a hard choice they all look and sound great. We was kindly gifted the the classic vegan jumbo bratwurst and the valoumi burger.






This is everything vegan hot dog dreams are made of, OMG I am dribbling now just reminiscing the thing. The combo is genius. Absolute genius. The quality of the vegan hot dog is so good, very meaty and reminds me of a real hot dog, chunky and even has the bite that the out-casing of a normal hotdog would have with a very juicy flavoursome centre. I also loved the fact it is grilled it adds the chargrilled flavour. There is so many levels to this, which made it such an experience, this isn’t no ordinary hot dog y’all. They even added cheeze on to our hot dog which really made this pop as the cheeze melted beautifully over the hotdog, giving it a creamy, sticky and cheesy flavour that worked in harmony with the other toppings. The chargrilled onions are burned perfectly giving them a crunch and caramel flavour, you also get crispy onions placed on top which give it more flavour and texture, the broken nachos adds more crunch and the salt flavour enhances the other flavours, the sauerkraut is such a touch! mades this whole experience special, the salty, pickled, juicy and fermented crisp of the cabbage brings this hot dog to life and the plus is sauerkraut is good for digestion and gut health 🙂 The sauce, spring onions and jalapeños finish it off perfectly, as i love a kick the mustard delivers and the jalapeños gives it the hot spicy edge I love. This is a must buy!! you can change or add to it to carter to your taste buds but what I had fully hit the spot and I am excited and looking forward to trying this again.






where can I even start with this one, again completely blew our minds, I haven’t tried valoumi before, so this really was an experience, the flavour and texture is so well made and even has the saltiness that real halloumi has. The burger works with the fillings, the sweetness of the grilled peppers balances the saltiness from the valoumi, the red onion gives it a crunch and the tomato brings a freshness to the bite, the rocket gives it a slight peppery kick and the delicious homemade tzatziki sauce brings a creamy mellow flavour that is binded together perfectly with the delicious sweet, spongey and airy bun. This is a burger experience I really enjoyed and was unique. A defo must try esp for previous halloumi lovers.

Both these burgers took me on a journey, I really haven’t had anything that reminded me so much of a real hot dog experience and halloumi replacement, it really works for me and I usually don’t like mock meats, but in terms of living with partner that is transitioning and does love the texture and flavour of meat, I could give him this and he wouldn’t question it was vegan. Personally for me both combos were delicious and to my taste. I am really happy to have discovered the nooch and will be going back for sure.

At the moment they can be found in markets and events, but they are opening a store soon which is such exciting news and I will be looking forward to going down there when they do. Great food, great quality and amazing customer service. Make sure you check them out I fully recommend.

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peace and love

Z xx

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