Places To Eat… Big Moe’s Diner

We were kindly invited down to Big Moe’s Diner in Algate for the Green Menu launch. I have never been to Big Moe’s Diner before and upon arrival was very impressed by the decor and 50’s vibe it had going on, really fun, right in the middle of the restaurant there was a red car from the 50s with a table in the middle to sit and eat, a jukebox with old-style songs and the whole theme is consistent throughout.

When we went upstairs where the launch was being held they had such a lovely set up we had a space to take photos and lots of great balloons and decorations. They also had a vegan smoothie bar set up with a selection of cut fruits and juices/nut milk to mix and match making your own style smoothie of your choice. We had to get involved with that so Aaron, Sienna, Maya and myself made our own smoothies

here is a video of what smoothies we made:


The menu looked fantastic so much great options for vegan and vegetarians.

here is what we had off the menu:



These were so good I loved it, completely what you want nachos to be. warm toasted tortillas, tangy and creamy sauces from the salsa, sour cream and guacamole mix, beautiful vegan cheesy melt, hot pickled hit from the jalapenos and a fresh crunch from the chopped red onions. These are perfect to share and something I would defo order again.



All I can say is wow, loved these, I’ve only had onion rings plainly before the cajun spicy really makes it pop and compliments the bite so well, as onion rings go these are a great size and crunch. We got through those really quick, what is so funny is that Aaron doesn’t even like onions, he hates them but surprisingly for both of us, he loved these.



This was defiantly an experience to remember, we both had never tried moving mountain patty before and what a great introduction this was. This is such a classic burger but so realistic to the actual meat patty taste and texture, even to the look it can fool anyone, we had to double take is this really vegan? so juicy, full of flavour which leaves you satisfied with every bite. So simple but executed so well with class and quality. This was one of the highlights of our day. We got a plain fries side with that one which is a great addition.



On the menu this is vegetarian as the pickles are deep-fried we asked for the vegan options that come with just plain pickled instead of the fried ones. I had never had a pulled jackfruit burger and this was another great introduction, each bite was so full of flavour and great texture combo got the sweet tangy saucy bbq jackfruit with the fresh lettuce and onion crunch, a little pickle explosion bedded in a fluffy soft sweet bun. We upgraded to the sweet potato side with it and it worked very nicely together.



Another great burger by Big Moe’s those chicken nuggets really give it a breaded meaty feel, with the juicy burst from the grilled pineapple balancing with the sauce and cheese so well, this is a perfect combo. so moreish and easy to eat. We got a side of cheesy vegan fries with this burger and they worked well together, the cheese melted better than other vegan brand’s I have tried in the past and works well on these moreish fries.



I wanted a salad but both the salads on the menu are vegetarian because of the halloumi and sauces so I kindly was offered without which would make it vegan.


I was really glad to see they had a vegan kids option which is the vegan nuggets my girls loved these and were happy with them.



wow what can I say about these other then it is the best lemonade I have ever tasted so fresh and delicious. I had the raspberry one and Aaron tried the strawberry one. The rim of the glass was coated in sugar which gave the citrus sweetness, and the raspberry worked well in the lemonade, so refreshing and bursting with flavour.


This was such a lovely way to finish up such a lovely Big Moe’s Diner experience, so chocolately and smooth, the chocolate sauce and raspberry powder make the flavours pop and the lemon ice cream worked so well with it.



This cheesecake was so delicious I still can’t believe it was vegan so creamy and rich in flavour reminded me of the real thing, and complimented so well with the lemon ice cream.

Here is video of our Big Moe’s Diner review and experience:


completely loved the experience, didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did as I haven’t had great diner experiences in the past but Big Moe’s Diner has completely converted me and  I will be back for sure. From the decoration, energy and vibe it is on point, you almost feel like you have time-warped into the ’50s. The staff are so friendly and helpful which really adds to the overall experience. This is the perfect place to go catering to so many different diets and giving some good quality vegan options that don’t leave you feeling left out. Overall very happy and would highly recommend.


STARTERS vegan options:

Vegan Potato Skins (vegan option of Big Moe’s famous potato skins with mushrooms and melted vegan cheese)  for one £5.65 to share £8.95

Vegan Fries ‘N’ Cheddar (hand-cut fresh chips topped with fresh cheddar cheese and then baked, served with sour cream and chive sauce) for one £6.25 to share £9.45

Vegan Nachos (tortilla chips loaded with hot jalapenos, Mexican salsa, guacamole, vegan sour cream and chive topped with melted vegan cheese and red onion) £8.95

vegetarian options on the starter:

Fried Pickles, Fried Halloumi, Mozzarella Dippers and Jalapeno Bombers.


SIDE ORDERS vegan options:

Cajun Onion Rings £3.15

Big Moe’s Chips £2.95

Sweet Potato Fries £4.10

vegetarian options for side orders:

Coleslaw, Mac & Cheese, Corn On The Cob, Big Moe’s Garlic bread, Big Moe’s Mash Potato and Big Moe’s Garlic Mash Potato.


BURGERS vegan options:

Classic Vegan Burger (Freshly toasted vegan bun, moving mountain patty, vegan mayo, tomatoes and pickles, vegan cheddar cheese) £10.95

Pulled BBQ Jackfruit (Freshly toasted vegan bun with slow-cooked jackfruit in BBQ sauce, raw red onions, lettuce and crispy fried pickles non-fried pickle for vegan option) £9.95

The Porta-Bella (Moving mountain patty with a hint of mustard and vegan cheese, served on a bed of rocket, grilled onion and portabella mushroom) £13.95

Chick Me Out (Toasted vegan brioche bun with crispy vegan nuggets, sweet grilled pineapples, melted vegan cheese, fresh lettuce and tangy cayenne mayo) £12.95

The Falafel (A baked, spicy, homemade chickpea patty with grilled tomatoes, fried aubergine, rocket and homemade piquant vegan mayo) £11.95

vegetarian option is Hello Halloumi burger

All burgers are served with Big Moe’s Chips upgrade to vegan n cheddar £2.50 or sweet potato fries £2.00

main is mac n cheese vegetarian £8.99

salads available are spring salad and halloumi & pomegranate salad vegetarian


VEGAN NUGGETS nuggets and chips £5.95

mac n cheese vegetarian £5.95


Belgian Chocolate & Raspberry Torte (Vegan chocolate torte, sprinkled with raspberry powder, served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream lemon ice cream for vegan option) £6.95

Vegan Lemon Swirl Cheesecake (Creamy lemon cheesecake with vanilla ice cream lemon icecream for vegan option) £6.95


For more info:

@bigmoediner on instagram






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