Turning Vegan Pizza was something I gave up on and excitingly enough now years later the vegan scene is in full bloom with hundreds of options. Picky Wops to me is the vegan pizza dons. They veganised a classically love dish, with their own unique twist and it works!!! I was told about this place by a good friend of mine, Logic. Logic highly recommended their pizzas after he had tired them himself. The first experience that I had was when I went to Venn Street Vegan Market with my friend Marsha, we tired their hemp based pizza divided in to two flavour styles (as pictured below) img_3254.jpg

It was such an amazing taste sensation that stayed with me and got me excited about Pizza again. I had never tired Pesto on pizza and also potato on pizza but it really worked and was mind blown. Cristiano and Andrea the two faces behind Pickywops make the experience even more special with their loving warm friendly welcoming personalities, when you meet them you instantly feel their love and passion for Picky wops and if you lucky you get to see them do pizza acrobatics or a picky dance!

I was so excited about doing a places to eat with Picky Wops as I couldn’t wait to see what else they had on their menu in their Queens Head Pub located in Brixton. I took along my step son Aaron and bestie Michaela with me to have a taste of a few things off their menu this is the video of our experience:



Instantly I loved the vibe and energy of the trendy new space they are located in, I took some photos of Cristiano and Andrea whist getting to learn more about them and how Picky Wops started up (watch the full places to eat video for all that info)

We had a beautiful feast which I will talk you through individually, we had two ideas off their secret menu which was pesto fries and bolognese fries, we also had parmigiana pizza, modern carbonara and pizza desert.





First of all I will have to say the crunch factor on this chips where so satisfactory. This is just how I love my chips with a crunch! I would never have dreamed of putting pesto on fries or pouring so much sauce all over them BUT this works so well. Pesto and chip combo is a game changer, really works so well together. Their homemade vegan pesto sauce is so epic, please Picky Wops start bottling that up, the world needs this. This is one to try for sure.





Just like the Pesto fries this is not a combination I would have ever thought of but really works well together. As I have mentioned before the chips are satisfactory and this sauce is so delicious. The sauce has a vegan mince meat texture and finely chopped veg pieces at still contain a crunch to them as they weren’t cooked down too much which I prefer, The sauce is another epic creation that needs to be bottled up and sold. The flavour wasn’t lacking it has a burst of freshness and flavour with every mouthful, it is not spicy which is a good thing for people that don’t like chilli heat or for families like myself with kids that do not like spice and you could always add in extra heat if you wanted with some chilli sauce.





This pizza is perfection! Parmigiana pizza consists of  tomato, modern moxxerella, aubergine, onions, modern parmezan, pesto all on a burnt wheat base. It tastes just as good as it looks, completely blew my mind and I can safely say is the BEST pizza I have ever experienced in my life. Vegan cheese can be so disappointing but this completely makes up for the years of shit vegan cheese I have consumed, the melt is so perfect. The base is so soft and melts in the mouth with a party of flavours in each bite, the crust has the most satisfactory crunch that a pizza should have. The best thing about it is how fresh and flavoursome the flavour combo is and how well all the ingredients work in harmony to deliver a epic pizza experience which leaves you on a food high. This pizza is so light and does not leave you feeling heavy, it is the freshest lightest delicious pizza I have ever had, words can not describe enough what a magical legendary pizza experience this was made by pizza wizards. Everything we had on the menu was a great but this was something that I will never forget and am officially addicted to. THIS IS A MUST TRY!




This one was Aarons absolute favourite, we all enjoyed this dish so much the sauce is a cashew cream with a tempeh smoked meat which works compliments each other so well, the pasta is cooked to perfection. The whole dish is so beautiful, I have not had a carbonara since turning vegan and this was everything, even better then I remember, it also is a nice option for my kids as it is so creamy and delicious yet light. I found all the foods off the menu work so well together. Picky wops is known for their pizza but this pasta dish is just as epic on delivers on their professional culinary skills, another MUST TRY.




WOW still completely mind blown with this one, I would have never associated pizza with dessert but this works, one of the most lush dessert experiences ever, again the beautiful homemade pizza base topped with a delicious vegan chocolate spread topped with vegan whipped cream and toasted pine nuts. That base is to die for warm with a crunch, the chocolate spread is so smooth and flavourful (its hard to find good chocolate spreads like that this one really reminded us of nutella) and the cream was so light and delicious felt like it had a bit of a coconut fresh hint, the toasted crunch from the pine nuts add to the over all experience each mouthful is a food heaven. Such a great way to finish the day and a huge hit for all of us.



Over all this is a vegan experience you must try! These guys know what they are doing!

The full menu is


  • Rosso (tomato, origano)
  • Maggie (tomato, modern moxxarella)
  • Greenman (modern moxxarella, courgettes, olives, onions, modern parmezan)
  • Victory (tomato, modern moxxarella, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms, olives)
  • Protein Punch (tomato, modern moxxarella, tempeh cuncks, pesto)
  • Parmigiana (tomato, modern moxxarella, aubergines, onions, modern parmezan, pesto)


  • Burnt Wheat
  • Multigrain
  • Turmeric
  • Spirulina
  • Hemp
  • Kamut
  • Plantain



Garlic Bread made with either Multigrain, Hemp or Seaweed



  • Modern Tagliatelle alla Bolognese
  • Gluten Free Spaghetti courgette with Pesto
  • Pasta with Pesto
  • Modern Carbonara



  • Tiramisu Anto’
  • Pizza Dessert (multigrain base, choccolate, whipped cream and roasted pinenuts)



  • Pesto fries
  • Bolognese Fries
  • Stuffed Crust


To wrap this up I have to say it all delivers and I will be going there to try out all the menu as everything looks delicious and I now completely trust their taste buds as everything I have tired has been an epic experience. So many new experiences never tired pesto with fries or bolognese with fries, never tried vegan carbonara, never had pesto on pizza or a pizza desert. ALL BLEW MY MIND words can not explain enough what a great experience this is. Take my word of it, and try for yourself, Picky wops is  definitely high on my vegan HIT list of places to eat. Love these guys, Love their food. Thank you for the experience

Follow them on instagram:


The Queens Head Pub 144 Stockwell Road, London, England, SW9 9TQ



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