Rogue Vegan

I came across Rogue Vegan online, I was drawn into their instagram page @rogue.vegan and fell in love with colours and flavour combinations, all their pics look so delicious and promising, it was everything I expected and much more.

This was such a lovely experience for me from meeting the owners of Rogue Vegan to trying this flavoursome food. Jaz and Lorre are such lovely people with warm hearts and deep passion for food and just from speaking to them I sense how much they care about their brand, which I am sure you will also pick up from video.

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If you check out their instagram page @rogue.vegan you will see the attractive colours and food combinations.

I tried the Ackee Special (pictured above) and wow hands down the best Ackee dish I have EVER had. Totally. Blew. Me. Away…such an experience, the flavour combination is perfection, a creaminess from the coconut milk combined with the Ackee is heavenly and the level of spice is perfect. It is a dreamy mixtures of flavours and textures.

I also tired the Coconut Curry Jack this was so nice. I gave some to my mother in law who is the most pickiest caribbean eater, she cooks so well that she doesn’t like food that is not seasoned or flavourful, she is extremely hard to please, she completely with this dish, she was mind blown that jackfruit was cooked and said it really felt like a meat subsite in the meal. The level of seasoning and spice was perfect for her, she would say Jaz and Lorre have what she calls seasoned hands.


23e34257-af7a-485f-9e0a-d095c2cd0324 2.jpg

What I love about Rogue Vegan above their amazing food is the owners, such amazing souls who really put so much time and love in to their food and you can really sense that in every mouthful. This to me is soul feeding food. Warming and comforting as well as healthy and flavourful. They care alot about the produce they use and the quality.


Here is a list of their full menu. I want to have tired all of it as what i did try only lets me know the rest will be just as epic. 5 meals for £35 means you get a chance to mix and match. I have heard nothing but great reviews about all their food online, check their stories on their instagram page to see them. I have also had a few friends message me and thank me for recommending them as their food is amazing. The best part is they deliver to your home.

Honestly this is such a experience as a vegan or non vegan you must try. It will not disappoint you.

I have nothing but love and gratitude to Jaz and Lorre. Thank you for your warm hearts and soulful food.

check out Rouge vegan on insta: @rogue.vegan


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