Plantbased Live show 2018

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Plantbased Live put on a show in Excel London and I had to go down to check out what new vegan products and brands I could find.

Here is a vlog of my experience:





I have spoken about New Roots before and will be doing a separate vlog and blog about them soon.

This is one of my go to vegan cheese brands and perfect for sharing on a cheese board. They look and taste completely delicious. New Roots are organic, raw, gluten free and vegan.

They sell – free the goat cheeze in nature flavour or olive oil, thyme and lavender                – soft cheeze (camembert style) – fresh cheeze in greek style, herb de provence or pink pepper – aged cheeze nature and cream cheeze.

For more info wait on my separate vlog and blog about them also check them out on instagram @new__roots and



Heck had some vegan sausages they were promoting on the day I caught up with them and had a chat as seen in vlog. The new vegan range consisted of four flavours:

  • Super Greens – vegan sausages made from quinoa and spinach with ginger and chilli and a hint of mint.
  • Bollywood Bangers – indian style vegan sausages with cauliflower, green lentil, pulses and seeds, all spiced up with chilli, ginger, cumin and tumeric.
  • Sweet Fusion – vegan sausages made with fragrant thai pesto, sweet potato and rice.
  • The Beet Goes On – vegan sausages made from beetroot, carrot, sunflower seeds and horseradish.

For more info: insta – @heckfooduk



I discovered at Plantbased Live and love the idea and concept, Turmeric paste. They had a few samples of ways which you could use the paste. They had a turmeric lemonade I had never heard of that and it worked so well, a combination of sweet and spice. The other sample they had was the turmeric paste mixed with hummus, this also worked so well. There is so many ways you could use the paste. I was given one on the day so watch out for the recipes and blog I will be posting soon with those.

For more info:  insta – @turmericmerchant  



Turmerlicious is so healthy and morish, such a warming healthy treat that is perfect for this cold season. A delicious range of instant turmeric lattes made with coconut, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. The four flavours at show were vanilla, choco latte, chilli choc or ginger. I was given a ginger one so will be posting up a review video and blog up soon. Turmerlicious is gluten free, caffeine free, dairy free, vegan, instant – just add water, no artificial flavours, no emulsifiers and has 1.5g turmeric per cup.

For more info:  insta – @turmerlicious  



1st time learning about this brand at Plantbased Live and completely fell in love with it. Karma bites is popped lotus seeds. They are a great source of protein, low in fat and have mineral rich properties. The seeds are extracted from lotus flower and are dried and popped. they come in four flavours: – peri peri – caramel – wasabi – himalayan pink salt

I have done a few taste tests with these and will be posting up the video soon, such a healthy moreish snack with great flavours. This is snacking future at it’s finest.

For more info: insta – @karmabitesgoodness




This was a wonderful product to come across vegan honey alternative with some fantastic flavours such as -vegan lavender honea – vegan fennel honea and  – vegan orange blossom, they all have probiotics. I found the flavors quite subtle but I liked that as it wasn’t too overpowering, it was enough to give the light flavour aftertone. the consistency was like honey, it looked like honey and even tasted like honey and beautifully packaged.

For more info:   insta – @pbartisan       





Wholey moly is a healthy vegan cookie with 100% natural ingredients, nothing processed, high in fiber, low in salt and no refined sugars. Wholey moly comes in 3 flavours -cocoa and orange  -cocoa and hazelnut or almond, hemp and chia. This cookie was designed as a healthy cookie alternative which is a great find for mums. Beautifully packaged and the perfect size to fit in a handbag or for school lunches.

For more info:  insta- @wholey.moly   



Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 22.00.19.png

Good root bakery is the 1st ever 100% potato dough bakery, wow and what a great find good root bakery was. Good Root bakery is wheat free, yeast free, egg free, meat free, dairy free and gluten free. I was blown away by the concept but it really works a combinations of flavour and textures that are unique and fresh. They come in three different flavours: – chilli sweet potato and black bean (sweet potato, black beans, chipotle chilli, corn, tomatoes, onion and bell pepper). – garam masala chickpea and mango (chickpea, carrot, onion, garam masala, mango, raisins, ginger and kurkuma).       – asain cabbage and mung bean (cabbage, mung bean, lemon, kurkuma, cumin and black pepper).

For more info:   insta – @goodrootbakery





Finally I got to try some of one planet pizza!!! was so excited to see them down there, One planet pizza sell frozen vegan pizza which the based is made from scratch with a homemade family tomato sauce based recipe and available in four flavours.

  • Three Sheese Margherita (vine ripened tomatoes topped with white sheese,  cheddar sheese and mozzarella sheese)
  • Hawaiian (white cheddar sheese, red onion, juicy pineapple chunks and ham style vegandeli pieces)
  • Mediterranean Roasted Vegetables (white cheddar style shesse topped with marinated roast vegetables)
  • Exotic Funghi Feast (exotic garlic mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and white cheddar shesse)

These are great to keep in fridge and have when you crave some pizza. will be posting taste test videos up soon

For more info:  – @oneplanetpizza





These were small nice energy balls to take with you on the go and perfect for kids from packaging to the mini size of the balls. Uses only 7 natural ingredients and comes in Four different flavours – peanut butter cookie dough – coconut fudge cake – maple and cinnamon roll or lemon drizzle

For more info:  insta – @boostballs                 



Bumblezest is natural health shots that have endless health benefits there is different ones which all have different benefits.

  • Calm and comfort (chamomile, lavender and spirulina)
  • Detox and defend (apple cider vinegar, milk thistle and charcoal)
  • Norish and nature (cacao, maca and collagen)
  • Propel and protect (matcha, moringa and ginseng)
  • Revive and restore (ginger, turmeric and collagen)
  • Mind and mood (rosemary, thyme and dragon fruit)

For more info:  insta – @bumblezest   



Delicious Quinoa bars that are 100% vegan, full of nutritious energy, gluten, wheat and dairy free, high in fibre, 5g protein per bar and rich in antioxidants and omega 3. This is a healthy guilt free nutritious snack.

Their Quinoa bars come in 6 addictive flavours – peanut -coconut and chia -cacao and cashew -goji and cranberry -oaty cranberry and cashew -cashew, chia and pumpkin seed.  They have started a instant quinoa porridge in 3 flavours -original -golden syrup -cranberry and chia.

I will be doing review videos and blog about these soon

For more info:    insta – @perkierfoods           




Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 22.06.02.png

This was a brand I was excited to discover I use cbd oil for pains and aches and find it works so well for me, This had a wide range of stuff

  • hemp and chamomile tea
  • hemp, jasmine green tea
  • cbd ultra balm
  • cbd ultra oil drops
  • cbd ultra soft gels
  • gummy bears
  • cbd ultra rich hemp oil
  • cbd ultra vape oil
  • cbd ultra vape oil, starter kit
  • cbd ultra body/massage oil

For more info:    insta – @cbd_ultra                


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 22.10.25.png

Super U does a range of superfood powders such as – berry beauty (the antioxidant blend contains blackcurrant, chia seeds, cranberry, acai berry, acerola cherry, goji berry, blueberry, aronia berry, strawberry and maqui berry)  – clean greens (the immunity blend contains pineapple, spirulina, baobab, moringa, camu camu berry, barley grass, chlorella and wheatgrass) – muscle protein (the strength blend contains pea protein, freeze dried coconut water, hemp protein, sunflower lecithin, cacao and pumpkin seed protein)

For more info: insta – @wearesuperu                 





mooshies was there too unfortunately did not try anything as I had so much to eat already but the food looked so delicious and most of the options had run out as it was so popular and busy. They had burgers and fries, cheese sticks and nachos. I am hoping to do a places to eat vlog with them soon where I can explore and share their story and menu.

For more info:  insta – @mooshieslondon          



dee’s table was also there and again didn’t get to try the food but follow them on instagram and love what they have to offer, there was patties and some delicious food options, again I’m hoping to vlog and learn more about their menu soon.

For more info: insta – @dees_table



This was a great show but as you already know I love vegan food shows as you discover so many new brands and products and this is why I love to vlog and blog to share my new finds with you all, hopefully you will try and enjoy them as much as I do. Plant based Live was smaller then the vegan shows I am usually used to but had a lot more new brands to discover.

A big thank you to Kasra Firouzyar on the camera

Peace and Love

Z xxx

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