I went down to Just V Show with Michaela and Marsha, we took a look around and saw some brands we know and love with their new products, also learnt about a lot of new brands. Here is a Vlog of our day:

Here are a list of some of the brands we found:


          ERMANA SKINCARE       

This was a very beautiful, eye catching and well presented beauty care brand. Ermana is a range of skincare products made from a blend of botanicals and all things natural. Ermana products that are 100% natural, they do not use parabens, sulphates or any artificial fragrances, colourings or artificial preservatives, instead they use vitamin E, which naturally preserves our products where necessary, and we do not test on animals.

Ermana oils and balms are made from a rich blend of botanical oils and waxes that are packed with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega oils and fatty acids, which are essential to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Ermana Skincare offer a range of face oils, balms, hand or body wash and hand or body lotion. They have also received a few awards such as :                     tgp_nba17_silver-small.jpgEDITORS-CHOICE-med-Mama-Baby-Awards-2017-300x300.jpg2017-Gold-badge-600-300x300.jpg

For more info:

download.jpeghttp://ermana.co.uk/  T5OKNZ1-.jpg @ermanaskincare  download1.pnghello@ermana.co.uk




I already know this brand not only for their eye catchingly attractive cakes, they are also mouthwateringly tasty, I met them before in Brixton Vegan market. I am still to edit and put up vlog of that experience (watch out for it). Their cakes are so well presented and have unique flavour combinations. I had tried the Pistachio, Pomegranate and rose, was so well balanced between the sweetness of the cake and the fresh bursts of the fruit, cake was so moist and light with a hint of rose, not overpowering but a satisfying journey combination of each flavour. I am a big fan of this bakery and support them 100%.

For more info:

download.jpeghttp://www.giancarloroncato.co.uk/    T5OKNZ1-.jpg@roncarto1976                                      download1.png giancarloroncato76@yahoo.co.uk


download (1).jpeg


I was familiar with neal’s yard remedies before the show. Neal’s yard is a natural and organic health and beauty brand. I have a few of their books at home (remedies, eat beautiful, healing foods and the complete health and healing book). They have such a huge range of things from hair, nails, skin and feet.

For more info :

download.jpeghttp://www.nealsyardremedies.com  T5OKNZ1-.jpg@nyr_official                                          download1.png advice@nealsyardremedies.com





Finally, my search for vegan Kimchi is over!!! I was so excited to discover this brand, I have been researching about gut healing foods and Kimchi is top on the list yet EVERY Kimchi brand i found had fish in it….until discovering The Urban Fermentery at Just V Show, I had to get some! so moreish and delicious. They had a few products available Lil Kim Chi white miso, Lil Kim Chi sesame Kimchi and a probiotic Kimchi hot sauce. Completely fell in love with this brand my new go to place to get my Kimchi fix!

For more info:

download.jpeghttp://www.theurbanfermentery.com   T5OKNZ1-.jpg@theurbanfermentary

download1.png info@theurbanfermentery.com



download (2).jpeg


Finally a alternative to butter that reminds me of butter, the texture, the spread and taste. The hemp pantry have a healthy vegan alternative to butter and made from Hemp. The sample was a pleasant surprise, I also loved the Fudge that they made and were selling so moreish, I will be getting more of that forsure 🙂

For more info:

download.jpeghttp://www.thehemppantry.co.uk/  T5OKNZ1-.jpg @the_hemp_pantry

download1.png  matt.atkins@thehemppantry.com





PROSVEGO offers carob sweets and raw vegetable snacks that satisfy the highest demand for a healthy and balanced nutrition. They sell organic vegan carob bars, organic vegan truffles and pralines, raw organic vegan cookies, raw organic vegan fruit roll ups and raw organic vegan crackers. I tried a sample of the organic hemp protein power bar, was so nice. This is a perfect company to find out about for when I do my juicing and raw diet cleanse, I was definitely in need of a company like this for quick on the go type products.

For more info:

download.jpeg www.prosvego.com  T5OKNZ1-.jpg@prosvego




Nush is a product I have seen before but for the first time I saw all their range at the show, which is almond yogurt which comes in natural, caramel & hibiscus, blueberry, peach melba or banoffee. The cashew range comes in natural, vanilla or strawberry. They do kids fun nush tubes that come in either strawberry or blueberry flavour. The new product they were sampling was the cheese spreads, natural or cheese chive, I preferred the cheese chive flavour.

For more info:

download.jpeghttp://nushfoods.co.uk/  T5OKNZ1-.jpg@nushfoods  download1 hello@nushfoods.co.uk




What a brilliant idea, frozen smoothie kit, just blend at home and have on the go. This a fantastic idea for those super busy, quick fix days, just empty the ingredients in to a blender then pour back in to the cup. Fraw comes in three options: CLEANSE which contains spinach, kale, avocado, pineapple, mango and ginger. ENERGISE which contains strawberry, banana, acai, pomegranate and blueberry. IMMUNITY which contains mango, peach, banana, carrot, sweet potato and coconut. They all are boosted with seeds and superfoods.

For more info:

download www.fraw.com T5OKNZ1-@wearefraw


download (1)


These energy balls are fun and eye catching, especially for kids, but most importantly packed with so much goodness. Protein balls come in a variety of flavours such as peanut butter & jam, raspberry brownies, cacao & orange, coconut & macadamia, cherry bakewell, goji & coconut, lemon & pistachio and peanut butter.

For more info:

download www.theproteinballco.com T5OKNZ1-@theproteinballco

download1 info@theproteinballco.com





Finally vegan marshmallow and a delicious one at that, my kids love this, I love this!

they come in different flavours strawberry, vanilla and small pink and white bites.

nothing more to say as they are brilliant, simple as. Free from artificial colours, flavours, gelatine, soy, nut, egg, dairy and gluten.





download (2)


This is my go to for coconut water, we have bulk of this in the house always, I got to see at the show how many other products they have which was coconut water original, coconut water with pineapple, coconut water with peach and mango, cafe latte original or cafe latte mocha. coconut milk in original or light and 100% organic and cold pressed coconut oil.

For more info:

download www.vitacoco.com T5OKNZ1- @vitacoco





I completely fell in love with this brand from the logo to the design and packaging and range of products all looks so nice, the biggest plus is all organic ingredients. So many great things to choose from here is a list of a few: natural detox facial oil, coffee & cocoa face scrub, natural miracle mask, moonlight nectar, infinity beauty balm, nini glow illuminator, coco mylk bath, blue lagoon bath soak, moonlight bath salt and blooming mylk bath.

For more info:

download www.niniorganics.com T5OKNZ1-@niniorganics



download (1)


Hempen have such great products on sale such as their organic hemp moisturiser which comes in ENERGIZING or RELAXING, CBD oil, organic CBD infused coconut oil, hemp stem tea and hemp seed oil. I tried the hemp oil and brought a bottle, hemp oil is full of goodness. I also brought their hemp tea and drink that most nights. If you like green tea then you will love the hemp tea.

For more info:




th (2).jpeg


Another brand I love and am familiar with, Nature’s charm is live for many vegan’s as they make condensed coconut milk which means all the recipes I used condensed coconut milk in I can make vegan version of such as cornmeal porridge and caribbean carrot juice etc.. I remember going to my local Wholefoods and complaining so much that they did not have a vegan alternative to condensed milk that the next time I went there, they were fully stocked with Nature’s Charm range, gave me a big smile to see.

Nature charm has a big range of items such as: sweetened condensed coconut milk, evaporated coconut milk, coconut whipping cream, all natural coconut milk, coconut caramel sauce, coconut butterscotch sauce, coconut salted caramel sauce, coconut chocolate fudge sauce, coconut matcha sauce, coconut pure young water.

They also have savory items such as: young green jackfruit confit, bar-b-que jackfruit, sriracha green jackfruit, young green jackfruit in water and banana blossom in brine.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.naturescharmveganproducts.comT5OKNZ1-@naturescharm                      download1naturescharmvegan@gmail.com



If you have not heard of follow your heart, you need to do some research, personally this is my favourite vegan mayonnaise brand, and it always goes down a hit when I use it. They have a wide variety of products such as: original vegenaise (vegenaise is what they call there vegan mayonnaise), soya free vegenaise, organic vegenaise, grapeseed oil vegenaise, sriracha vegenaise, organic vegan caesar, vegan honey mustard, organic miso ginger, high omega vegan bleu cheese, vegan egg, mozzarella vegan gourmet shreds, pizzeria blend vegan gourmet shreds, soya free pepper jack style slices, soya free smoked gouda style slices, italian style shredded and italian style grated.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.followyourheart.comT5OKNZ1-@followyourheart                                         download1info@followyourheart.com


download (1).jpeg


It was my first time being introduced to this brand which I discovered at Just V Show, I really liked the the samples I tried of the tiffin, again this is one of the things as a vegan I missed out on and wasn’t really readily available. Lazy day foods range consists of: caramel (millionaire crisp) rice squares, chocolate ginger tiffin slice, chocolate chip shortbread, chocolate ginger snaps, chocolate orange slice, ginger snaps, millionaire shortbread, peppermint chocolate slice, shortbread, belgian dark chocolate tiffin, belgian chocolate rocky roads, iced fruit cake slice, fruit cake slice, cranberry & orange tiffin.

For more info:




images (1).jpeg


OMG….YESSSS this is my tea!!! I have sooooo many of their different ranges at home my personal fav is the classic which has cinnamon, cardamom and ginger. I love nothing better then a comforting warm yogi classic with some almond or coconut milk so soothing and comforting. My favorite feature is the lovely messages that you get on the end of the tea bag is a real pick me up or uplifting reminders for the day.

They have a huge range of teas such as: classic, echinacea, choco chilli, choco, ginger, ginger lemon, himalaya, detox, ginger orange with vanilla, ginseng, tumeric chai, licorice, stomach ease, rose, bedtime, roobibos vanilla, heartwarming, immune support, cranberry hibiscus, women’s tea, women’s balance, women’s energy, detox dandelion, ingwer hibiskus, sweet chai, rooibos, inner harmony, wellbeing, breathe deep, choco mint, bedtime, black chai, sweet chai, licorice mint, throat comfort, relax, green chai, green balance, green energy, green tea ginger and lemon, green yasmine, matcha lemon, lime mint, alkaline herbs, white tea with aloe vera, men’s tea and more…

Fore more info:

downloadhttp://www.yogitea.comT5OKNZ1-@yogitea download1 info@yogitea.com






We was drawn to this stall from the delightful scents and eye catching products, what stood out for me was the candle in coconut shell, fell in love with that and so many pretty scented bath bombs.

Naphtaly world products include: ylang – ylang bath and shimmer salts, lavender bath and shimmer salts, jasmine and orange shower/bath gel, coconut shell candle, stargazer lily and hibiscus bar soap, wild fig and grape bar soap, warming orange and clove candle, anti-stress lavender and bergamot candle, sweet orange and mandarin lip balm, vanilla and rose lip balm, rose exfoliating sugar and salt spa body scrub, lavender exfoliating sugar and salt spa body scrub, lavender reed diffuser, lemon and tea tree reed diffuser, mandarin bath and shimmer salts, spa recovery bath and shimmer salts, wild mint and dark chocolate lip balm, spiced apple travel candle, tomato and blackcurrant travel candle, fairy dust bath bomb, doughnut bath bomb, cherry doughnut bath bomb, orange and ginger travel candle, watermelon bath bomb, swirl bath bomb, orange, clove and cinnamon reed diffuser, lemon scented bath bomb, blackberry scented bath bomb, raspberry scented bath bomb, strawberry scented bath bomb and mango scented bath bomb.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.naphtalyworld.com T5OKNZ1-.jpg@naphtalyworld                                                   download1naphtalyworld@gmail.com


download (1).jpeg


I got to meet the wonderful owner at Just V Show, Dr Britt Cordi, she was delightful to speak with and gave us a massive in sight in to her company and the products, the shots where so moreish and the wheatgrass shots where being sampled with apple juice which worked so well together.

100% Raw, field grown organic frozen juice shots: Britts food also has as well as wheatgrass shots a lot of other products all their shots come frozen other frozen shots flavours are: apple, ginger and turmeric, beetroot juice, kale juice, barley grass, blended green shot, elixir vitality and superfood slushie.

100% Pure & Natural booster bottles: energy booster drink and health booster drink

100% Raw, freshly pressed frozen detox bottles: -wheatgrass, cucumber, avocado, celery and lemon, -kale, cucumber, lemon, ginger and celery, – barley grass, cinnamon, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon, – wheatgrass, barley grass, matcha tea, cucumber, nettle and lemon, -vegan protein, almond milk, cinnamon, vanilla and agave.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.brittsuperfoods.co.ukT5OKNZ1-@brittsuperfoods                                 download1sayhello@brittsuperfoods.co.uk


images.pngdownload (3).jpeg


This is a combo made in heaven, on the stand they had a variety of pitta chips and hummus selection and it all worked so well when you mixed and matched flavours.

I was my first time trying Soffle pitta chips, I usually make my own pitta chips at home but this is perfect if ever in a rush and want a quick snack. It is nice on it’s own but perfect combined with a dip or hummus. They come in chilli and garlic mild flavour, chilli and garlic wild flavour, spring onion and italian cheese and rosemary and thyme.

I have heard of Chic P before this brand is so nice, I am a fan of their hummus. They have a few unique flavours to pick from such as kale and rosemary hummus, carrot, ginger and turmeric hummus, beetroot, horseradish and sage hummus, herby hummus, peanut butter, banana and cocoa hummus, banana, avocado and cocoa hummus or strawberry and avocado hummus.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.soffles.com   www.chicp.co.ukT5OKNZ1-@sofflechips   @chicpfoods   download1sophie@soffles.com    hannah@chipp.co.uk





Nono are vegan, nut and gluten free, I really liked the samples we tried and we had a variety of flavours available such as: -calcium and probiotics chocolate, -calcium and probiotics dark chocolate, -calcium and probiotics white chocolate, -calcium and probiotics crunchy seed, -beetroot, raspberry and antioxidants, -coffee, protein and maca, orange, turmeric and saffron, -babab, protein and poppy, – matcha, cherry and coconut, -rose, d mannose and coconut or gift boxes in hearts and roses, collection box or autumn spice box.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.functionalfoodcompany.org T5OKNZ1-@nonococoauk                         download1nono@functionalfoodcompany.org




coyo is dairy free vegan yoghurt made from coconut, I tried the blueberry on the day which was nice, other flavours the coconut yoghurt comes in is hemp and blueberry, vanilla bean, natural, mango and passionfruit, chocolate, strawberry or plum and guava. The ice cream comes in strawberry and hibiscus, black forest, blood orange and mango, chocolate, natural, banana and roasted wattleseed, vanilla bean and nutmeg or sea salted caramel. Kids pouches come in banana and mango, strawberry or vanilla.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.coyo.com/auT5OKNZ1-@coyo_uk download1info@coyo.com/au




We are surrounded by electro-magnetic frequencies from our phones, computer, tablets, and the ever present wi-Fi.  There is mounting concern about the health effects of this exposure. energydots are EMF protection devices. They provide a simple, affordable, powerful solution. They are harmonisers which means they work by retuning the emissions from devices.

Double-blind placebo controlled research and the experiences of our many users demonstrates that energydots can make a positive difference.



For more info:

downloadhttp://www.energydots.co.ukT5OKNZ1-@energydots download1dot@energydots.co.uk




nairn’s has a massive selection not all are vegan but the following are: Gluten free oatcakes in the following flavours: superseed, oatcakes, organic, on the go fruit and seed, cracked black pepper, organic super seeded, fined mulled and rough. The oat biscuits in dark chocolate chip, stem ginger, mixed berry and fruit and spice. The biscuit breaks in oat and stem ginger, oat and chocolate chip, oats and syrup, oats and fruit, oats, blueberry and raspberry or oats, dark chocolate and coconut. Flatbreads in original or rosemary and sea salt. crackers in wholegrain, super seeded, cracked black pepper. scottish porridge oats or oats muesli, smoked paprika snackers, sea salt and balsamic vinegar snackers or chocolate chip astro bites.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.nairns-oatcakes.comT5OKNZ1-@nairnsoatcakes                                        download1info@nairns-oatcakes.com





Tiana had a lot of products there that day, they sell coconut blossom nectar, coconut snacks, coconut cooking butter, coconut raw extra virgin coconut oil, raw coconut goodness, coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut flour, cassava flour or 100% raw coconut water.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.tiana-coconut.comT5OKNZ1-@tianacoconut                                   download1 info@tiana.eu





I am so happy that sacla have catered for the vegans too, doing a whole free from selection which included free from basil pesto, free from, tomato pesto and free from mayonnaise. There is other products they do that are vegan such as their sundried tomato and garlic pasta sauce, vine ripened tomatoes and olive, sun dried tomatoes in herb infused oil, artichokes in lemon and rosemary infused oil, trio of roasted peppers, cook’s paste sundried tomato.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.sacla.co.ukT5OKNZ1-@sacla_uk download1sacla@sacla.co.uk





raw gorilla is all raw and organic, did not get to try the samples, here are the selection they sell organic and raw cacao crunchies natural breakfast, organic and raw mighty muesli keto breakfast, organic and raw original crispies natural breakfast, organic and raw cacao crispies natural breakfast, organic and raw rawberry crispies natural breakfast, lemon and chai munchies, maca and cinnamon munchies, boaba, apricot and tigernut munchies, cacao and lucuma munchies and carob and orange munchies.

For more info:






Trek come from natural balance foods the same family as nakd. I am in love with Trek cocoa coconut protein flapjack I am always buying that on the go. There range is cocoa peanut peak energy chunks, toffee triumph energy chunks, cranberry kick energy chunks, peanut butter energy bars, cocoa chaos energy bar, berry burst energy bar, cocoa raisin protein flapjack, cocoa oat protein flapjack, coconut cocoa protein flapjack, banana bread protein flapjack, original oats protein flapjack, morning berry protein flapjack or raisin oat protein flapjack.

For more info:





coconut merchant is a brand you should recognized as a vegan, I’ve brought many of their products in the past, their products are organic pain coconut flakes, coconut oil and tumeric, coconut jam, organic toasted coconut flakes, pesto powder, multigrain gluten free flour, moringa powder, organic turmeric powder, coconut and cacao spread, organic coconut milk, raw extra virgin coconut oil, raw extra virgin butter, organic creamed coconut, coconut sugar, coconut milk powder, coconut nectar, coconut vinegar, coconut vinegar with tumeric and moringa, coconut desiccated coconut, coconut chips, refresh coconut water, refresh coconut water with watermelon, refresh coconut water and mango, refresh coconut water and aloe vera or coconut water with matcha green tea.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.coconut-merchant.comT5OKNZ1-@coconutmerchant                  download1info@coconut-merchant.com





Choose between a Paleo, Vegan or Gluten & Dairy Free box and select whether you would like 1 box or a 3-month or 6-month subscription, Once you have subscribed, your first box will be delivered by the start of the following month. Don’t worry about shipping costs, they have got you covered. Then enjoy the selection of products they have picked just for you. They will also include 2 recipes specific to your box diet choice as well as information on the products and discounts for you to use on future purchases.

This such a lovely concept and will make such a wicked present for someone.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.betterboxhealth.comT5OKNZ1-@betterboxhealth                       download1info@everylastbite.com




Explore cuisine is loaded with plant based protein and fiber, gluten free, vegan, organic and non gmo. We tried the chickpea pasta and it was so nice esp with the pesto sauce, it was lighter than normal pasta and had the same texture and chew to it, I wouldn’t have known the difference if they did not tell me. Their products are organic black bean spaghetti, organic mung bean rotini, organic edamame and mung bean fettuccine, organic edamame spaghetti, organic chickpea fusilli, organic chickpea spaghetti, organic green lentil lasagne, organic green lentil penne, organic red lentil penne, organic red lentil spaghetti, organic brown rice fusilli, organic brown rice rigatoni, organic red rice macaroni, organic brown rice pad thai noodles or organic red rice pad thai noodles.

For more info:







These bars are high in fibre and gluten free, we tried the samples and they were nice, perfect for on the go. Available in the following flavours: juicy oat and raspberry square, chewy seed and apricot square, fruity oat and almond square, nutty seed and walnut square or spicy oat and apple pie square.

For more info:





Tesco food have started a whole free from selection, cheeses, ice creams, yoghurts. There is 294 items free from listed on their website. On the day they had a big stall set up giving out soooo many samples, we tired their cheeses which where creamy and nice, I had on it’s own so was very overpowering taste, I am sure if I had with bread or cracker I would have prefered it more. I tried the chocolate bars that were also free from, nice chocolatey taste that you would be used to.

For more info:





we tried a few of these products and I loved the sauces and peanut puffs. Here is a list of all their products: red lentil rice style, tricolour legumes rice style, green peas rice style, chickpea rice style, free from organic wraps, free from organic wraps with quinoa, free from organic wholegrain wraps, gluten free organic focaccia, organic gluten free 3 mixed panini, gluten free organic mini baguettes, gluten free organic rustic baguette, organic gluten free sesame and linseed baguette, gluten free pizza base, gluten free spaghetti, gluten free penne rigate, gluten free fusilli, gluten free lasagna, gluten free couscous, gluten free gnocchi, gluten free gnocchi with quinoa, free from vegan basil pesto, free from vegan sundried tomato pesto, free from porcini mushroom sauce, free from vegan bechamel sauce, free from organic vegetable soy bolognese sauce, free from organic chilli arrabbiata sauce, free from organic tomato and basil sauce, vegan organic croissant with chocolate cream, vegan organic whole wheat croissant, vegan organic spelt croissant, vegan organic savoury croissant with sesame seeds, free from vegan organic hazelnut chocolate spread, free from organic almond chocolate spread, vegan organic mayorice with curry, organic mayorice, organic arbono risotto rice, organic rice with quinoa, organic venere black wholegrain rice, venere wholegrain rice cakes, organic 3 grain rice cakes, organic 3 grain crackers, peanut butter puffs or peanut butter chilli puffs.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.freefromitaly.co.ukT5OKNZ1-@freefromitaly                             download1enquires@freefromitaly.co.uk




moma have gluten free and vegan ranges, we tried a vegan breakfast porridge mixed with fruits it was nice and fresh topped with crunchy seeds and desiccated coconut. Their vegan range is apple and cinnamon, coconut and chia or almond butter and salted caramel which is all available in pots or sachets.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.momafoods.comT5OKNZ1-@momafoods                               download1getintouch@momafoods.co.uk




We all tired some gosh bites and loved them my fav was moroccan spiced and mediterranean falafel, was full of flavour and had a nice bite to it. Here is the flavours available: beetroot burgers, broad bean and quinoa bites, mediterranean falafel, butternut, tomato and basil sausages, mixed seed, quinoa, carrot and coriander bakes, beetroot falafel, moroccan spiced falafel, moroccan spiced bakes, moroccan spiced kofta, original falafel, mushroom burgers, sweet potato pakora, spinach and pine nut bites, sweet potato and black bean sausages, sweet pumpkin and chilli bites, sweetcorn and quinoa bites or . tuscan vegetable bites.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.goshfood.comT5OKNZ1-@goshfreefrom                              download1hello@goshfood.com




These bars are delicious and healthy, tried out the samples my personal favourite was the coconut and chia. I also saw that perkier have new instant porridge pots in golden syrup, original or cranberry and raisin. The bars are quinoa bar peanut, quinoa bar coconut and chia, quinoa bar cacao and cashew, quinoa bar goji and cranberry, sprouted oaty cranberry and cashew bar, quinoa cashew, cia and pumpkin seed bar.

For more info:






They had vegan sushi out to try their organic amino sauce teriyaki and all purpose seasoning flavoured which worked so well, still got my thumbs up, full of flavour. I had not heard of this company before so was introduced by Just V Show they had a lot of different things on sale such as coconut sugar, coconut flour, coconut milk powder, organic amino sauce all purpose seasoning, organic amino sauce teriyaki, organic amino sauce barbeque, coconut oil, coconut nectar, coconut drill, coconut vinegar classic, coconut vinegar with mother, coconut vinegar balsamic style, coconut vinegar with garlic, coconut vinegar with chilli and ginger and a whole range of free world sauce kits.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.thecoconutcompany.coT5OKNZ1-@thecoconutco                      download1enquire@thecoconutcompany.co




Koko well known alternative for the vegans or dairy free diets, I know their milk, spread and yogurt but sampled their new cheddar cheese which I thought was very crumby, just broke down in the mouth unlike real cheddar and lacked the same flavour, there was a strong coconut taste which is to be expected but because it said cheddar it set a high expectation that it did not meet. I did however really like the soft cheese so much so I brought two, it was soft and creamy, was not a strong flavour, quite mild but was very nice with some crackers. Koko sell original koko coconut milk, unsweetened coconut milk, chocolate coconut milk, soft coconut cream cheese, coconut cheddar, koko dairy free spread, koko coconut oil, koko plain yogurt, koko strawberry yogurt, koko raspberry yogurt, koko peach and passionfruit yogurt and coconut and lemon yogurt.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.kokodairyfree.comT5OKNZ1-@kokodairyfree                       download1 info@kokodairyfree.com





LOVE this brand, we tried the new superfood range at Just V Show which was their rice protein and chia nuggets which where soooooo moreish and one of my fav things to try at the show as well as their quinoa and fresh cilantro falafel burgers, they had a slight spice to them as falafels do and a serious crunch factor, great to sample alone but would be perfect in a bun with salad.

They have so many great products that come Frozen or chilled. Frozen products are: battered prawn style pieces, thick cut chunky strips, meat free mince, chicken style strips, golden crumb schnitzels, chicken style nuggets, pepper pie, curry pie, country mushroom pie, original hot dogs, braai- style sausages, banger style traditional sausages, traditional burger, chicken style burger, slicing sausage/polony, asian spiced burger. Chilled: lincolnshire sausages, chickpea and roasted butternut squash balls, chickpea and quinoa falafel balls, smoked hot dog, chicken strips, southern style tenders, beef style strips, pepper steak pie, chicken style country pie, veg curry pie, sausage roll, eddertrain veg and squash slice, three bean slice, mediterranean veg and bean country style pie, hearty steak and ale country pie, fully loaded country pie, mixed mushroom country style pie. They also have a new superfood range: quinoa and brown rice protein burger, soy and quinoa country roast, soy and flaxseed schnitzels, rice protein and quinoa strips, rice protein and chia nuggets and quinoa and fresh cilantro falafel burgers.

For more info:

downloadhttp://www.fryfamilyfood.comT5OKNZ1-@frysfamily                               download1 enquires@frysfamilyfood.com





Where do I start, firstly what amazing owners, it is always such a pleasure to see them and catch up, very kind and friendly hearts with a talent to make toasted seeds. I can’t get enough, the perfect nutritious snack or topping in salads, meals, smoothies etc.

They have a range of flavours available and you could either get them in a small pot to take with you on the go or a bag that will last longer. The flavours available are: original, mexicano chilli, curry crunch, fiery curry crunch, pumpkin crunch, high hemp seeds original or high hemp seeds curry crunch.

For more info:






Kombucha is a fermented tea that is naturally rich in live cultures. These cultures are fantastic at looking after your gut health and digestive system. PJ Kombucha is organic and low in sugar. It comes in organic original, organic orange and hibiscus, organic ginger and lime or organic raspberry lemonade.

We tired the ginger and lime it had a very refreshing taste to it, light and satisfying.

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downloadhttp://www.pjkombucha.comT5OKNZ1-@pj.kombucha                                      download1hello@pjkombucha.com





oumph is another brand of vegan meat substitutes, they had sample out at Just V Show which was on nacho and some onions, the flavour was bbq and quite a strong taste and chewy like meat consistency. I personally don’t like getting brands that remind me of meat but I know some people that miss meat might love this, really did remind me of it. The flavours it comes in are thyme and garlic, pulled oumph, kebab spiced and the chunk.

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This is a brand I suggest for people that want to transition into veganism but are not ready to stop meat yet, these products are so familiar that you may not even know the difference.  They have such a massive range of products these are a few of the ranges slow roasted chick’n, deli slices, veggie burgers, hot dogs, sausages, diy and grounds, tempeh and roasts. There is a big variety of flavours in each range. check them out

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Ntsama another brand I know and love, I really like a kick to my food and these sauces and oil’s deliver that. We sampled the sauce at Just V Show, Michaela found the kick extremely strong, I found it to be powerful, it all comes down to how you can handle spice, but if you like it spicy then this does not fail to give it to you. What I really liked was when the sauce was mixed with vegan mayonnaise. The products Ntsama sells are classic chilli sauce, ginger and garlic chilli sauce, lemon and thyme chilli sauce, classic chilli oil, ginger and garlic chilli oil, lemon and thyme chilli oil or chilli jelly in either mild or hot.

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Linda McCartney is a staple product for vegans, they have a massive vegetarian range but you have to be careful as not all Linda McCartney products are vegan. The vegan range is vegetarian sausages, vegetarian meatballs, vegetarian hoisin duck, vegetarian scampi bites, vegetarian chorizo cocktail sausages, vegetarian beef with red wine and shallot glaze, vegetarian cocktail sausages, vegetarian beef, mushroom and spinach wellington, vegetarian mini pork and apple sausage rolls, vegetarian pulled chicken, vegetarian pulled pork burger, vegetarian country pie,  vegetarian sausage rolls, vegetarian chorizo and red onion sausages, vegetarian red onion and rosemary sausages, vegetarian burgers, vegetarian 1/4 lb burger, vegetarian mushroom and spinach burger.

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All in all this was a great show and met some great new brands but I was quite disappointed as most of the show was allergy free and not many vegan options I was under the idea that it was a all vegan show which was frustratingly not the case. I hope this gives you enough info on the vegan brands that were available on the day.

Peace and Love








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