I wanted to start looking in to Healthy Vegan places to eat around London and I am so happy to have discovered En Root. This place is a Vegan’s dream.

Here is a vlog of my experience:

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Meet the owner, the life and soul of En Root, The most special thing to me about the whole En Root experience is Nish. You get a warm, smiley and friendly experience with a whole load of banter. As bright and as colourful as his van is his personality, you will never get a dull or low moment with Nish. Energy is on point.


I was completely blown away but not just how amazing the food looked and smelt but experienced a flavour explosion that I wan not ready for. This photo shows a variety of things that En Root serve.

Visually it was so colourful and a pleasure for me to photograph.



The Raja wrap is a light wholemeal wrap packed with raw rainbow salad, daily dhal, bhajia falafels and homemade Raja bonnet sauce.

This experience was a special one. I have often seen Nish busy dealing with the long queues patiently waiting in line to be fed. Normally I would not have had the patience to wait in such a long queue but after experiencing this wrap for the first time I would happily join the line again.

This wrap was like nothing I’d experienced before, it was heavy and full to the brim but still light and satisfying to eat. You get the warmth of the curry and falafel, the kick from the hot sauce which is perfectly balanced with the salad, and the perfect combination of textures, a soft smooth curry, fresh crisp salad, a crumbly well seasoned falafel (which is nothing like your typical falafel) and the perfect warm crunch from the toasted wrap, really binded it perfectly together resulting in a satisfying mouthful in every bite.



Curry inna hurry is complimenting veg and a choice of pulse with aromatic spices in a rich coconut cream sauce, served with fragrant golden basmati rice.

The ingredients are different each day and the day I visited he had sweet potato, aubergine and butterbean. Three of my favourite things, so I was excited to try this, baring in mind the smells have already awoke my taste buds, not to mention how pleasing the food is to the eyes. The first mouthful was a surprise as I expected it to be very heavy but was so airy and light yet full of flavour. The rice and curry complimented each other well and resulted in a pleasant mouthful of food.



The perfect plate, a colourful mix and match platter including curry inna hurry, daily dhal, raw rainbow salad and topped with a bhajia falafel.

This is such a satisfying mix, under the fragrant and colourful dhal and curry is a saffron rice surprise. There is a lot of flavour and spice, this is not overpowering it is the perfect balance especially with the fresh crisp raw salad side.

The En Root select does not fail to please, definitely worth a try!


This sauce has to be hand’s down my favourite hot sauce. The flavours where so mind blowing, as well has having that chill kick (that can be uncomfortable), it is completely balanced out with the sweetness of the mango, also giving a zesty fresh after tone, making this the perfect hot sauce to accompany any dish.



This is so EPIC words can’t explain the emotions when you try this drink. Perfectly matched with any En Root meal, and soooooooooo smooth and creamy with the perfect hit of spice, leaving a satisfying cardamon aftertaste. Only warning I have with this drink is that you WILL get addicted!

I am so glad for En Root and highly recommend this place for vegans and non vegans. A healthy meal for anyone that wants a flavoursome and wholesome food. 10/10 really had no faults when it comes to En Root experience.

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