Queen’s Park Farmer’s Market

We love taking trips down to Farmer’s markets so have decided to explore some of London’s Farmer’s Markets. We ended up in Queen’s Park Farmer’s market.

This one is a good size with loads of options especially vegan options in comparison to our last market trip.

Here is the Vlog of our experience:

As it was a Sunday parking was not a problem we parked less then 1 minute walk from market which was very convenient.

The last farmer market me went to was quite small so i expected the same size but was pleasantly surprised to see it was bigger. It was set up nicely and easy to move through with a lot of things to see.

The 1st stall had organic carrots, leeks, white and green asparagus, they also sold pre made juices pear and ginger or apple, raspberry and mint at £2.50 each.

Organic Apples and Pears where sold in bags for £1.80 each/2 for £3/ 4 for £5.

They sold lots of greens even purple broccoli, rhubarb, cabbage onions, beetroot, I ended up buying a big handful of Nero kale cost me £1.

There was a cute little stall that did falafel, veg curry and samosa. They only had Veg samosa left by time we arrived.

A stand called Popina (@popinaldn) had a stall which was selling some vegan products, Thai green curry roll, Bombay potato roll, Moroccan Roll, Mexican Roll and baked Falafel.

I found an interesting stall called Hempen (@hempenorganic) selling Hemp products such as hemp stalk tea, CDB coconut oil, CDB oil 3% and hemp moisturising oil. They said they also have hemp cooking oil but did not have it in that day.


The amount of veg and fruit available was never ending so many fresh organic fruit and veg stalls as well as freshly baked bread stalls.

A fragrant stall with a massive queue (which was the only reason I didn’t buy any of there food plus on raw diet still) was called Mumbai (@mumbai_mix) they sold dosa wraps, samosa and chia tea.

There was a few plant stalls to buy indoor or outdoor plants.

My favourite stall of the day was Pama Creations (@pama.creations) which sold the most delicious pickled cucumber’s i have ever tried (which I will be buying again) the cucumbers are pickled in so many spices, herbs and raw apple cider vinegar. EPIC. I finished that jar in like 2 days. They also had such lovely sauerkraut which I also brought in the Kimchi flavour and the Turmeric flavour. I also got ‘drop it like it’s hot’ naturally fermented hot sauce which tasted great and was unique as it came with a glass dropper. (check pictures below)

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Another stall had a mix of salad’s, gluten free and vegan sambusak, gluten free and vegan banana and chocolate chip muffin, then a gluten free and vegan banana, dates, linseed and oat bar, also vegan chocolate bites in wither orange or chocolate chip.

I did not get the name of the stall but here are some pictures of the products.

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Urban cordial (@urbancordial) had some great flavours such as:

apple and blackberry

apple, lemon and fennel

blackberry and lavender

cherry and black pepper

pear and ginger

raspberry and rosemary

strawberry and sage

Aaron (@aaron.k.e_04) tried the apple, lemon and fennel and really liked the taste of it. Some unique flavour mixes that really work well.  (check pictures below)

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At Chegworth valley (@chegworthvalley)  stall Aaron tried the pear and apple juice which was so rice and full of flavour. They also had

winter warmer spiced apple

apple and elderflower

apple and beetroot

I also saw a veg dumpling stall which had a long queue and smelt delicious.

@iowtomatoes had a variety of tomatoes such as buffalo, speciality and cherry tomatoes. Beautiful and colourful flavoursome variety. (pictures below) They also had some tomato juice, tomato jam and sun dried tomatoes.

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This was a fun friendly family farmer’s market, I loved all the new product’s and companies we discovered. It is defiantly a place to visit.

Open every Sunday 10am -2pm

Located at:  

Salusbury Primary School

Salusbury Rd, London NW6 6RR


Z xx



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