Venn Street Farmers Market

Wanting to explore London’s Farmers markets we started local with this one

Venn Street Farmers Market is located on Venn Street directly next to Clapham Common underground station. Venn Street Market is open every Saturday from 10am – 4pm.

This our experience

This market wasn’t very big but had a variety of things to choose from, a-lot of non vegan options I vlogged the vegan options in the video.

The first stall we saw was a quirky trendy flower/plant stall, this stood out to me as had a different range of plants which you would not find usually in shops. I was tempted to buy some but where too heavy to carry home.

There was one big fruit and vegetable stall that went round both sides of the market. There was lots of organic opinions to choose from.

The fresh juice bar had 9 different fresh juices to choose from priced £3.50-£4 each.

IMG_1393 2.jpgwe tried a fried tofu at Fuse which sold Tofu Kara-age (Japanese fried tofu) and Vegan sweet potato chips. The tofu was delicious. (follow them on instagram @fuselove8 )

IMG_1401 2.jpgZaytoon Bar was my favourite will be buying olives there regularly so addictive and lots to choose from. We got a box of herb olives and sun dried tomato olives. This is a stall run by fellow Iranian (us Iranian’s know about our olives).

There was a specialist chocolate stall which had one vegan chocolate.

The bread stall had a lot of different breads to pick from sourdough, wholemeal, seeded etc.

Overall a nice small market where I would visit and spend money again.

Address is: Venn St, London SW4 0AT (closest station is Clapham Common)


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