Hot Porridge With Fresh Fruit Topping


I LOVE nothing more then a hearty Breakfast

Nothing beats a better start to your day,

This recipe is something quick and simple, fast but satisfying.

Oats are known to be good for you, the reason for this is oats are high in many vitamins and minerals such as Manganese (found in high amounts in whole grains, this mineral is important for development, growth and metabolism), Phosphorus (important mineral for bone health and tissue maintenance), Copper (important for heart health), Vitamin B1 (also known as thiamine, this vitamin is found in many foods, including grains, beans and nuts), Iron (very important in a vegan diet, this is a protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. Iron is essential), Selenium (an antioxidant, important for various processes in the body), Magnesium (often lacking in the diet, this mineral is important for numerous processes in the body), Zinc (a mineral that participates in many chemical reactions in the body and is important for overall health).

Oats also contain antioxidants, the main plant compounds are Avenathramides (Only found in oats, avenathramides are a family of powerful antioxidants. They may reduce arterial inflammation and regulate blood pressure), Ferulic Acid (The most common polyphenol antioxidant in oats and other cereal grains), Phytic Acid (most abudant in the bran, phytic acid is an antioxidant that can impair the absorption of minerals, such as iron and zinc).

Oats have also been proven to lower cholesterol.

If you didn’t enjoy eating oats and needed a reason, the above info should be enough



So here is how I like my oats


I use Rolled Oats and any plant based milk (I personally prefer coconut or almond milk) I tend to use coconut when I make this recipe as i like that aftertaste with my oats,

Heat the oats up again how you prefer, you could heat up in microwave or on the stove.

I like my consistency quite thick, my partner usually likes his runny so depending on how you would prefer it add less or more plant milk.

Once warmed you have to be quick with the toppings.

Every time I make this there is a variety as you can tell by the pics, it is usually made up of what i have in the fridge or freezer at the time.

What i always put on top is Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Desiccated Coconut and some Cocoa Nibs.

Like i said the fruit is mainly whats available, i like the combination of hot and cold so love to use frozen blueberries,

usually top with bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, figs, mango, kiwi etc

top tips can use nuts to give it a crunch and texture, use agave syrup to sweeten up to your liking and lastly I love topping with fresh mint really gives it a kick.

One last thing to do if you make this quick and simple dish is to Enjoy 🙂


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